Steps for Grocery Store Employees

Here you will find the perfect step stools for your warehouse, grocery stockers, cashiers, butchers and vendors. These steps stools will make it safer for cashiers to reach the register, for stocking shelves, unloading tall pallets and building product displays in your store. The Shure-Step products in this folder all have 6 large rubber pads on the bottom to keep the Shure-Step from sliding on the floor. These steps can also be used for elevating employees to a safe working height in front of a fixed counter. A great example would be for a butcher that needs a little extra height, or a cashier that might be a little shorter.

These Shure-Steps are rated for 500 pounds and come with a lifetime warranty. If the rubber pads or sandpaper top ever wear out or get torn we offer replacement parts for them.

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