Mechanic's Step Stools


The Shure-Steps you see in this folder were specically designed for mechanics.

The top surface of these steps has a very rough texture (Nobby Top) to prevent your mechanics feet from slipping even if oily fluids are spilt on it.

The bottom of these steps have 6 large rubber pads (AV-SS2-Nob has 4) to prevent the step from sliding on the floor, even if your mechanic is leaning on the fender of a large truck.

All of these steps are stackable, except 2 step model BMS. Mechanics and trucks come in all different sizes and shapes so we designed these Shure-Steps to be adustable. If you have shorter mechanic working on a large truck, no problem, just stack one Shure-Step on top of another of the same model and "PRESTO" you raised the mechanic's working height from 10 inches to 16 inches high! 

The Shure-Step III models SS3B-Nob & SS3Y-Nob can be stacked up to 3 high, bringing your mechanic's total working height to 22 inches. OSHA regulations require a hand rail for any general purpose step stool over the height of 24 inches. 

All of these steps are rated for 500 pounds and will not tip over, even if your mechanic is standing on the edge of the step.

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